The Milat Platform

The Milat Platform

Milat Forum

The Milat Forum, is an annual high-level discussion forum tackling issues of critical importance to the well-being of deprived or least privileged children. Every year it is convened around one specific issue of critical importance to children’s well-being that requires in-depth analysis and solutions.

Participants will come from diverse sectors representing Civil Society especially care givers, relevant non-governmental organizations and private persons with interest in child welfare; Social Workers; Legal practitioners (whether public or private) connected to child affairs; Governments both national and foreign; and other relevant national and international institutions.

These diverse groups come together to share ideas, discuss challenges and find solutions to pressing issues affecting the least privilege children. After every convention, participants especially care givers, legal practitioners and social workers are able to take back with them, practical, innovative and sustainable solutions to challenges encountered in the course of providing the care and protection that is much needed by deprived

The Milat Forum:

  • provides a platform where these diverse groups meet to discuss issues of critical importance to children’s well-being
  • aims at having an open and frank discussion and share experiences on best practices
  • is supported by a ‘Facts & Figures’ document. This document is compiled in advance by the Foundation and comprised of a detailed, data-driven analysis of the issue under discussion, and forms the basis of an informed and constructive debate.Discussions will be organized around three sessions:​Session 1: Identifying the issue

    Session 2: Critically assessing the issue

    Session 3: Exchange of best practices, recommendations for sustainable solutions and pledges for support from stakeholders

    All sessions will be streamed live on the Foundation’s Facebook page and on our website.