Orphan Care Program

The Milat Foundation's Orphan Care outreach provides life's essentials to orphans, abandoned or homeless children in Cameroon.

In underserved and marginalised communities in Cameroon, just as in other parts of the world, children under parental care go to bed hungry. In the same communities, we find those children who are orphans and with even greater plights compared to their peers. They lack food to eat and thus go to bed hungry; no clothes to wear; no access to basic health care; no access to education, and so on. At the Milat Foundation, we believe that it is a moral responsibility to show love and concern for such children by offering them a helping hand whenever we can. No matter how small our support is to an orphan child, we are changing a life.

Help Feed and Cloth Orphans in Cameroon

How We Help

The Milat Foundation’s Orphan Care initiative provides life’s essentials to orphans, abandoned or homeless children in the North and South West Regions of Cameroon. Currently we are able to support orphans in orphanage homes and in the provision of the follwing:

  • Food supplies
  • Clothing supplies
  • Education/schooling
  • Medical care

By providing them with life’s essentials, TMF hopes to give back childhood to those children who have had their childhood stolen from them.

Food and Clothing Drives:

We Feed! We Cloth! We Educate Orphans!

Food and Clothing are some of the very basic necessities of life. But there are those children out there who are not only born into extreme poverty and so cannot afford a meal a day or clothes to wear but have also lost their parents due to sickness or some other unfortunate circumstances. Life for these children has become so deplorable that in the absence of a helping hand, they end up in prisons, trafficked, or abducted. At the Milat Foundation, we believe that we do not have to be rich to be able to help them secure a meal.

Improving the lives of orphans and children from highly impoverished families is a mission we take so seriously. One of our goals is to ensure that deprived children who constitute the most vulnerable and at-risk groups in marginalized local communities are safe and have their basic needs taken care of.


Here at the Milat Foundation, we believe that when it comes to Child Hunger, no one should be left behind and that in order to end Child Hunger we have to open our hearts.

With your generous donations in any form, you have the capacity to help us in our endeavor to care for and support orphans.