Centre For Peace AND Development

Milat Centre For Peace & Development

At The Milat Foundation, we believe that there can be no peace without development and no development without peace. Thus, we believe the peace – development nexus is imminent in the growth and transformation of every society.


The Peace – Development Nexus:

While peace is a pre-requisite for development, development in itself breeds peace. Peace creates an enabling environment for the fundamentals of a society’s progress ranging from human capital development, infrastructure development, rule of law, and so on. The more peaceful a society, the more prosperous and stable it will be. Meaningful and sustainable development and progress are also pre-requisits for the maintainance of peace and stability.

The Milat Centre For Peace & Development is hosted by the Milat Foundation and replaces the Milat Forum – an annual high-level discussion forum tackling issues of critical importance to peace and development and how these two relates to the well-being of the people of Cameroon. Economic and social development on the one hand, and peace and security on the other hand forms the core issues of interest. Every year we convened around one specific issue of critical importance that requires in-depth analysis and recommendations.

Participants come from diverse sectors representing Civil Society, relevant non-governmental organizations, and private persons; Legal practitioners (whether public or private) especially connected to child affairs; Governments both national and foreign; and other relevant national and international stakeholders. These diverse groups come together to share ideas, discuss challenges and propose solutions to pressing issues under consideration.

About the Milat Centre for Peace and Development

MCPD-Cameroon works exclusively on issues of peace and development in Cameroon.

The Milat Centre for Peace and Development is an independent, non-partisan, and not-for-profit civil society organization housed by The Milat Foundation and working on issues of peace and development in Cameroon. It was established in August 2021 by the Director and Board of Directors of the Milat Foundation – concerned citizens who realized that there was a need to approach the issues of peace and development in an integrated manner. This group of concerned citizens saw the peace and development nexus as eminent in the search for durable solutions to a variety of issues plaguing Cameroon. The Centre for Peace and Development is the first initiative of its kind in Cameroon. MCPD seeks to inform and influence public policies and civil society initiatives through research-based advocacy and capacity building to address issues of conflict, promote citizenship, build peace and achieve inclusive and sustainable development. MCPD’s special areas of focus include the promotion of –

  • Peace and Tolerance
  • Justice and Rule of Law
  • Child Health and Wellbeing
  • Sustainable Development (SDG).

The Vision

MCPD envisions a world that guarantees rule of law, protects human and civil rights, embraces the diversity of views, supports children’s rights and well-being – the leaders of tomorrow, supports vulnerable persons, and provides optimum conditions in which each individual can realise his or her full potential.


The Mission

MCPDI aspires to become a national and an international player in advocacy. We want to work to build communities through transformative change, and

to strategically influence public policies and initiatives through research-based championships of rights-based campaigns. We are also determined to promote active citizenship in all its forms and at the same time, a much better society for everyone.



  • School for Peace Project
  • Grassroots Women’s Peacebuilding Conference
  • Youth for Peace and Development

Program Area Description

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