Milat Health Initiative

Milat Foundation Community Health Initiative

All children, no matter where they are born have inherent rights including the right to access to health care

One of our main causes here at Milat Foundation is improving children’s health. Our efforts here are carefully selected to be able to improve children’s basic health, and include:

  • Support the training of nursing students passionate about child health and well-being by offering them scholarships through our Fellowship Program “The Darrell Milat Scholarship for Child Health & Well-being”
  • Support the treatment of children (especially babies) in difficult health conditions where due to poverty and other circumstances, the parent (s) are not able to afford treatment.
  • Distribution of insecticide-soaked mosquito nets to protect children and pregnant women against malaria.
  • Donation of food supplements to young children.
    Support immunisation programs against preventable diseases such as measles and polio.
  • Training of women health workers to make childbirth safer.
  • Hygiene and sanitation programs in schools and local communities.
  • Provision of clean drinking water to children and families living in extreme poverty in the rural marginalised areas where due to lack of good drinking water, children die of diseases such as cholera and other water-borne diseases.
  • Hygiene supplies for children in impoverished rural communities with extreme need.
  • Basic Health Education (hygiene and sanitation programs) in schools. Through expert committees, we create and run ‘Health Clubs’ in schools in rural and marginalised communities. We recruit health professionals to deliver talks on basic hygiene to school children through our health clubs and also at organised community assemblies.
  • Carrying out sexual reproductive health awareness in local communities