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The Milat Foundation (TMF) is a non-profit and charitable organisation devoted to helping deprived children and empowering women and out-of-school girls in underserved communities in the North and South West regions of Cameroon. Our programs in these two regions serve underprivileged, vulnerable, and conflict-affected populations by working to provide deprived children with access to quality primary education; equipping women and girls with vocational skills and income-generating (livelihood) activities; providing health care assistance and organising sensitisation campaigns; feeding, clothing and educating orphan children; advocating for justice, child rights and protection, and child health and wellbeing.

We are regularly looking for new motivated individuals to join our team. Learn more about how you can be part of The Milat Foundation by reading our ‘Work With Us’ and ‘Get Involved’ pages.

Thank you for your interest in The Milat Foundation.

Current Opportunities

Office Assistant/Operations Coordinator

Milat Foundation, Buea

September 2021

Office Assistant/Operations Coordinator with a passion for charity.

The Milat Foundation (TMF) is a non-profit and charitable organization which promotes and supports durable solutions to the problems faced by deprived and underprivileged persons. TMF is committed to supporting deprived children and empowering women and out-of-school girls living in poverty in the war torn North and South West Regions of Cameroon.

The Milat Foundation is currently looking for a qualified Office Assistant for its new office based in Buea, Cameroon

Do you have a passion for charity? Do you have the DNA of a Development and Humanitarian worker? Do you strive to create a better tomorrow for the underprivileged and would you like to work with The Milat Foundation – a growing charity working to CHANGE LIVES? Then you might be our new Office Administrator?

Overall purpose of the role:

The Office Assistant is responsible for providing technical and day-to-day support for implementing TMF’s project activities. The Office Assistant contributes towards supporting, cooperating, and liaising with key stakeholders relevant to our projects, and other functions as will be assigned. This position involves scheduled travelling to our project locations.

How to apply:

Interested applicants should email us a CV with experiences and qualifications relevant to the position, and a letter of motivation explaining their interest in the work we do at The Milat Foundation.

Other Opportunities

Are you interested in taking up an internship or volunteering with our organisation? You can click here to see what opportunities are available now.


Women and Out-of-School Girls Tailoring their way into a New Life at one of our Training Centres in Muea, South West-Cameroon

The Milat Foundation - Young women with notebooks


The Milat Foundation has been founded with the guiding principle that all children no matter where they are born or come from, have some natural rights such as the rights to education, rights to health, rights to nutritive diet, rights to water, rights to care, and all other rights associated to human.

They also deserve an equal opportunity to achieve. But many children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds suffer greater challenges – no access to basic education to match their peers, unable to feed, no access to health care, making it difficult for them to be able to build a better future.
Most of these children are orphans, or children simply born into extreme poverty. With no means to break out of this natural poverty circle, these children are unable to harness their potential.

The children who have access to these rights grow as independent individuals who can break through the cycle of poverty, be empowered to take their future into their own hands, and play an active part in shaping it.

Inspired by both a sense of giving and a life-changing event, the Milat Foundation has been established by Bertin Milat owing to his longtime commitment to philanthropy, and in an effort to accept and appreciate God’s ruling in the life of a fine young man who for no fault of his own had his childhood and the opportunities which naturally comes with it stolen from him. “… And the son of a dad and father capable of proving, became a deprived child…”

The Milat Foundation will take upon itself a commitment to protect and advance the rights and opportunities of deprived children who in one way or another, due to no fault of their own have had their childhood stolen from them. Here at Milat Foundation, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for deprived children and their families living in abject poverty. Our decision-making process is informed by comprehensive empirical studies and high-quality data evaluation.

We strive to build productive relationships with the communities we serve and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits.

Foundation’s Focus


Ensuring a Safe and comfortable learning place for children through educ-institutional support initiatives. Expanding access to early childhood education through child sponsorship.


Advocating for child rights, justice, and child protection through the award of Undergraduate Law Scholarships.
Support orphanages with food, clothing, and other supplies.


Advocating for and improving the health and well-being of children through the award of Undergraduate Nursing Scholarships.

Besides direct involvement through life-changing projects/programs, we do engage in advocacy with the goal of protecting the rights of and improving the quality of life for underprivileged children. This is the reason why we instituted the Milat Foundation Fellowship named the “Darrell Milat Scholarship for Justice & Child Protection”, awarding scholarships to students pursuing a university degree in law with an interest in working for upholding justice in courtrooms and the entire justice department in Cameroon, especially but not limited to cases for which children are victims.

The Milat Forum is also another bold advocacy initiative. It is an annual high-level discussion forum tackling issues of critical importance to the well-being of deprived or least privileged children. Every year it is convened around one specific issue of critical importance to children’s well-being that requires in-depth analysis and solutions.

Focus on Children!

Our Children! Our Future

The Milat Foundation was established in January 2018 as a non-profit focusing on children – the bright young minds of tomorrow, yet the most vulnerable.
All the work we do focuses on children, their welfare, and a promising future. Even as we strive to empower women and girls, we do so knowing fully well that by helping them, they will thus be able to give their children a much better life, educate them so that they are able to become better members of their society and agents of positive change.


Community Based

Our work is community-based. Our staff and volunteers reside with the communities we serve, live with them, listen to them and work with them to improve their lives. The Director and an Advisory Board exercise overall governance, managing risks and ensuring compliance with statutory requirements.

Partnering for Change

For us at TMF, partnership is very precious and must be acquired, built, and well maintained. We partner with local communities, civil society, corporations, academia, faith-based organizations, global partners, advocacy groups, decision-makers, and philanthropists to give deprived children a chance to build a better future.

Our Projects & Programs

Empowering a Generation: Access to Early Childhood Education Initiative

Adopt-A-School Initiative: Edu-Institutional Support Program

Milat Foundation Fellowships: The Darrell Milat Scholarship Program

Food and Clothing Drives: Milat Foundation Orphan Care

Women & Girls Empowerment: Vocational Training & Poverty to Prosperity (P2P) Project

Milat Health Care & Advocacy Initiative

Milat Center for Peace and Development Initiatives

What We Do

We educate

We help to provide children a safe and comfortable learning place

We offer scholarships

We help to feed and cloth those we support

We provide healthcare

We empower women and single mothers

We advocate and train advocates



In providing support to deprived children and their families with a mission to giving them a chance to unlock their full potential and live their best life stories, we carry out bold, innovative, and sustainable local empowerment projects and advocacy aimed at cutting poverty and boosting opportunity.


We cannot accomplish this alone. That is the reason we connect with national and international partners, advocacy groups, decision-makers, and philanthropists like YOU to help give these children a chance to secure a better future for themselves, their family and the world at large.

What We Believe

We believe that all children are born with some natural rights and they deserve an equal opportunity to achieve.

We believe the time is now to identify and train the next generation of child welfare professionals and advocates.

Faith, Hope and Love Changes Lives

You can be part of the community that is bring Faith, Hope and Love to children around the world. 100% of your support will go towards the children that we serve or the vulnerable women & out-of-school girls that we work to empower economically!