Every child deserves a chance to succeed

From a very small window, we can enter and change their world forever.


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We are devoted to helping deprived children and empowering women and out-of-school girls to unlock their full potentials and live their best life stories.

How we work

We design, prioritize & execute our projects with the involvement of the beneficiaries and communities we serve.


Our activities

We carry out bold, strategic, innovative & sustainable local empowerment projects and advocacy.


Our Support

We devote ourselves to supporting deprived children & their families in Cameroon and around the globe.


The single most important thing we want to focus on is identifying and empowering those children who have had their childhood stolen from them.

– Bertin Milat, Director

Who We Are

What We Do

The Milat Foundation is a non-profit and charitable organization that promotes and supports durable solutions to the problems faced by deprived and underprivileged persons. TMF is committed to supporting deprived children and empowering women and out-of-school girls living in poverty in marginalised and underserved communities in Cameroon, especially in the war-torn North and South West Regions. We help them unlock their full potentials and live their best life stories through live changing empowerment projects.

Our activities are carried out using bold, strategic, and sustainable local empowerment projects and advocacy.

As an operating foundation, we work on issues directly or with strategic partners to change lives by – improving access to quality primary education for deprived children, offering vocational skills training opportunities to women and out-of-school girls living in poverty, setting up income-generating (livelihood) activities for women and girls upon completion of their vocational skills training, improving rural community health and assisting children with health issues, providing scholarships to train child advocates (ambassadors of child health & wellbeing and ambassadors of justice, child rights & protection), and advocating for the positive changes we want to see in societies.

Measures of Success

Educational opportunities

We provide Educational Opportunities to less-privileged Children through the provision of Educational Materials and Child Sponsorship.

Your support

Project funding comes from private family funds that are decided upon at the beginning of each year. To extend our reach, we accept donations and grants from individuals and donor agencies with a shared mission and vision.


Women & girls currently in our 9 months – 2 year vocational training program in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon
– Milat Foundation

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Early Childhood Education! Women & Girls Economic Empowerment! Orphan Care! Educational Scholarships! Community Health! Peace & Development Advocacy!

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Empowering a woman is empowering a generation! Children are the leaders of tommorrow. Support women & children living in poverty.